Spice Powder Packing line –  Box and Bottle

Spice Powder Packing line

Easy Pack specialize in Spice Powder packing line both in box or filing into bottle and capping. it can be designed fully automatic system or semi automatic system subject to your requirement.

  1. Fully Automatic Spice powder packing line – Automatic filling of spice powder with Vertical form fill seal packing machine with Servo motor driven Auger filling system – Automatic box inserting.
  2. Semi automatic Spice powder packing line -Automatic filling spice powder with Servo driven Auger filler. Capping can be incorporate with fully auto capping system or semi auto capping system .

Fully Automatic Spice Powder Packing line

operation flow as follows

Automatic Vertical Form Fill Seal Packing Machine – Servo Motor Driven Auger filling – Automatic Carton Inserter – Group packing

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