Stand Up Pouch Packaging Machine

We supply Stand Up Pouch Packaging Machine for filling and sealing pre-formed flat bags or stand up pouches. The Stand up Pouch machine is an intermittent, rotating carousel. Grips are attached to this carousel and rotation of carousel passes different stations  from  picked bag -> open bag -> Filing -> Sealing and discharge.

Depending on the application or product (liquid, solid or powder), the product passes 8, 9 or 10 stations. The machines are also suitable for filling of different type of product with suitable dosage system as follows:

  • Auger Filler for powder
  • Multihead weigher for bites, snack food, peanuts,
  • Pump for liquid product

Benefits Of The Pre-shaped Standup Pouch Filling & Sealing Machines

  • flexible in use
  • Neat and presentable of finished package for display on shelf
  • Easy changeover on bag size
  • low cost investment for stand up pouch bag.
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