Stick Pack Packaging Machine Manufacturer

EASY PACK manufactures Stick Pack Packaging Machine for all food and Non Food  industries for products including coffee, tea, sugar, salt, herbs, vitamin powder, creamer, cereal, snack food, candy, sweets,  nuts, beans,  chocolate,  bites, silica gel,  chili sauce, sauce, tomato sauce, ketchup, lotion, cream, cooking oil, honey, energy drinks, energy gel and more.

EASY PACK stick pack packaging machine, which automatically forms a bag from a flat roll of film, allow it to be filled with free flow product, and then seal and separate the finished package. Using the appropriate dosing system, these bags can automatically be filled with free flowing granulate, powder products.

EASY PACK supply the integrated system, including the dosing equipment, packaging machine and necessary feeding systems. In addition to the standard range EASY PACK  has a special engineering department where machines are developed and built to meet customer requirement.


  • User-friendly Nipon colors touch screen control panel.
  • Japanese Panasonic PLC for machine intercommunication.
  • Self-diagnostic system.
  • Simple troubleshooting solution.
  • Heavy duty Siemen
  • Germany / Japanese  photocell for bag registration.
  • 4 units Japanese OMRON digital temperature controller for back seal and jaw seal.
  • Germany SIEMEN for main drive motor.

Multilane Stick Pack Packaging Machine 

Our  multi-lane stick pack packaging machine range from 4 to 12 lanes depend on customer capacity. Designed to pack free flow powders  and granulate product.

Product hopper complete with agitator on our multi-lane stick pack packaging machine to suit the characteristics of the powder to be dosed. Parts in direct contact with product are in stainless steel #304 or other suitable materials.

Our Multilane stick pack packaging machine equipped with photoelectric cell for the automatic print registration on the finished pack.

Our Multilane stick pack machine designed with easily accessible splicing table to speed up and facilitate the reel changing.



  • Powered film unwind with film tension control
  • Film slitters and forming tubes – set per bag size
  • Discharge chute
  • Panasonic or Omron control system
  • Automatic film tracking
  • stainless steel construction
  • Compact design



  • Date Coder
  • Round Shape Edge Cut
  • Exit Conveyer of Produced Sachets
  • Automatic Cartoner
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