Bean, Nuts

EASY PACK Pillow Bag Packaging Machine for food and non-food industries.

We manufacture Pillow Bag Packaging Machine suitable for packing dry product include sugar,  coffee, tea,  salt, herbs, vitamin powder, creamer, cereal, snack food, candy, sweets,  nuts, beans, frozen food, chocolate, biscuit, bites, confections. The liquid product includes chilli sauce, sauce, tomato sauce, ketchup, lotion, cream, cooking oil, honey, drinks and more.

EASY PACK Pillow Bag Packaging Machine is a vertical form, fill and seal packing machine, which automatically forms a bag from a flat roll of film, allows it to be filled using suitable dosing system, fill, seal and separate the finished package.

Dosing system base on type of product :

  • Auger filler for powder
  • Volumetric cup dosing for granulate
  • Liquid pump for ketchup
  • Conveyer cup system for irregular shape product
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